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  If you happen to have a 64-bit system  

like "Windows 7 64-bit" or "Windows 8 64-bit, this is important.
All my programs were made before there were 64-bit systems.
And as such they can only run on 32 bit systems. But there's a "workaround".
There IS a way to play/run my programs even on the newest 64-bit systems.
You can install the nice and FREE "VMWare Player" program.
This will let you run a "virtual machine" that will accommodate 32-bit programs.
It is easy to install, and once it is in place you can install and run my programs.
Inside this "virtual machine" they will work and appear
just as they would on a regular system.

Download it from VMWare's homepage  HERE 
At the time of writing this, the FREE version is version 7 .
When installing, choose to have it "emulate" Windows XP.

I am sorry that it has to be like this, but I have no way of rewriting the programs for a 64-bit system.  I still think that my programs have merits
and that they are fun and entertaining, some of them even educational.

So PLEASE use the FREE VMWare Player and enjoy my programs

Om Mani Peme Hung
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