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For the time being we live in a small provincial town, Praestoe, with a beautiful harbour, on the Eastcoast of the island of Zealand in Denmark. We are, of course, vegetarians; after all, who wants to eat dead burnt animal-bodies. Mariann has collected some of her favourite recipies in a sort of VeggieCookBook, which is available in English as a Word-document and in Danish as a WindowsHelpFile and of course it can be viewed here on-line.

We are also very much into Buddhism, espcially the DiamondWay as taught by OleNydahl,the late Kalu Rimpoche and the 17.Karmapa. Visit BuddhaNet and spread good vibes on the Net.

We have both been working as teachers to pay for the refitting of the Lotus, a sailing Yacht, to hopefully take us around the World. Now the lotus is launched and I have retired and am able to devote my full time for the final touches to Lotus. Let's see what the weathermen have in store for us.
A few years ago I started to dabble in programming. I started out in Delphi and it was a lot easier than I had thought beforehand. The first results can be had on the Download page. My own favourite is a kind of Wheel of Fortune for two people and in three languages. My pupils think it's quite funny. I call it
Nimmers Lykkehjul or Nimmers Wheel of Fortune although I have had to change the name for a while because of threatening emails from SONY the Giant.

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Here are our grandchildren Chistmas 1997.

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