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Heart Nimmer's URET er et lille program til at lære Klokken.
Mest for mindre børn, 5 - 7 år, eller 2 sproglige. Dansk.
NOW also with English clock for learning to tell time in English.
Ideal for schools.
Install 1.720 Kb Dansk Try It
Heart Nimmer's Puzzle. The simplest possible Puzzle. Use your own bmp-pics in size 200x150. Install 862 Kb Try it
Buddha Nimmer's Buddha Puzzle. A very simple Puzzle. Use your own bmp-pics in proportions 3x4 or 4x3.or use one of the 40 BuddhaPics. With question list making it more challenging. Make your own! Use the built-in editor. Install 22.000 Mb Try it With Install
Buddha Nimmer's Buddha Solitaire. A few simple Solitaires. I did NOT make the Solitaire-code myself. That was made by David Mayne. I only made the 3 Card Decks - 1 Standard (w. BuddhaBacks) and 2 with Buddha Faces and Backs. With Install and Uninstall. Install 2.7 Mb

Try it

With Install

Heart Nimmer's Engelsk er en samling små enkle programmer til træning af simple engelske grammatik ting. Install 522 Kb Dansk
Heart Nimmer's WordSnakes is an impossible challenge. Make it better - Add ylou own words and syllables. 3 languages.. Install 355 Kb Try It
Heart Nimmer's Tysk er en samling små enkle programmer til træning af simple tyske grammatik ting. Install 704 Kb Dansk
Heart Nimmer's NYE AutoSatzMaschine. Lav TYSKE sætninger uden besvær. ALLE kan bruge den. Install 408 Kb Dansk
Heart Nimmer's HangMan is a simple Hangman game with the option of adding your favourite victim. 3 languages. Install 323 Kb Try It
Heart Nimmer's kemi er et program til indføring i det periodiske system samt et par spil til træning af grundstofnavne og tegn. Install 713 Kb Dansk
Heart Nimmer's DanskGramma er en samling små enkle børne- programmer til træning af simple danske grammatik ting. Install 5.111 Kb Dansk
OtherSharewares Here are some Tools making Life Easier   FREE
New Nimmer's Tools 2 is a collection of programs. An IniEditor, and a Wordlist-Syncronizer, RebusBuilder, and much more. Esp. for Nimmer's WordGames, but can of course be used for other things too. FREEWARE. Install 1600 Kb Try It FREE
New "Tray Me" is a nifty little program that lets you put almost any program into the TaskTray with an icon of your choice. With Left click for Your progran and Right click for "TrayMe". Very small filesize, only 59Kb. No install needed. FREE. Zipfile 22 Kb Try It FREE
New Nimmer's ApacheLogs helps you to monitor your Apache Server. It lets you look at the logs, alerts you when a new user logs on and has built-in WhoIs support. It includes ApacheControl for easy access to all the starting paramters of Apache. Utilizing "TrayMe" ApacheConsole is made to sit in the Tray. With install AND uninstall Install 1209 Kb Try It FREE


NimmerSofts Miscellanous FREEware Downloads
Heart Vegetarian SoyRecipe CookBook ZipFile 8Kb Try it
Heart Vegetarisk SoyaOpskrift samling ZipFile 8Kb Dansk Prøv dem
Rasmus DesktopTheme RASMUS KLUMP Famous and beloved Danish Cartoon (Skrivebordstema) Install 1.288Kb Try it Prøv den
BuddhaTheme DesktopTheme BUDDDHA_1 Very nice buddhapictures and Icons also cursors and Logos Install 1.055Kb Try it Prøv den
BuddhaTheme AnotherDesktopTheme BUDDDHA_2 Very nice buddhapictures and Icons, cursors, and Logos Install 4.113Kb Try it Prøv den
BuddhaTheme Animated KarmaKagyu Logo SfX-zip 132Kb Try it Prøv den
Heart A wonderful Chenrezig SreenSaver
NOT MINE I just Found it and Love it
InstFile 141Kb Try it Prøv den
Compass An Automatic DeviationTable Calculator An Excel5 spreadsheet for making a deviationTable after bearings off the Sun SelfEx 109Kb English
Compass AutomatiskRegneark(Excel) til udregning af deviationstabel ved omsvajning efter Solen SelfEx 110Kb Dansk
Buddhaskin GetRight skin for GetRight 4.3. (skin2) Buddha-statue with temple-bell click.wav ZipFile 170Kb Engl.
Buddhaskin A really funny Buddhist Joke ExeFile 206Kb Engl.
SmilingOne Chants Golden Dust SmilingOne Poems and Chants and Haiku Poetry. ZipFile 7Mb Poetry 7mbs
SmilingOne Chants

Sacred healing Chant mp3



SmilingOne ChantsHeart

Ove Sprogøe læser "Hobbitten". Et klenodie. mp3 format

ZipFile (240MB)

Enjoy - Nyd Den
Heart Danish Language file for "Hot Potatoes" - a really cool autoring program, ZipFile (28kB)  
Heart Danish Language file for " Quandary" - a really cool autoring program, ZipFile (20kB)  


OLD VERSION - new one underway
DANISH language file forCuteFTP the greatest FTPclient of them al

ZipFile 642 Kb

LangFile 2596Kb


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