First page of our gallery of our Tibetan "Little People" Dokyie

Cheerios Jetsun Milarepa Rinpoche

Pictures from the First Days of His Life

kuldetdec1.JPG sort1dec1.JPG
J-litter December 1st Black boy Dec 1
zob2dec1.JPG zob1dec1.JPG
Zobel 2 Dec 1 zobel 1 Dec 1
J kuldet few timer.jpg dalaidog_senge.jpg
J litter a few hours old the Dalai Lama with Tibetan Senge
J drengene 1 day a.jpg J pigerne 1 day a.jpg
J boys 1 day old J girls 1 day old
3dage-gl.JPG Jkuld-3dage1.JPG
_E'Lisha with litter 3 days old _J_litter - 3 days old 1
3dage-gl2.JPG 3dage-gl3.JPG
_J litter 3 days old 2 _J litter 3 days old 3
J kuldet 6 dage.jpg J-drengene-1-uge.jpg
_E'Lisha with J puppies 6 days old _J Boys 1 week old
J-boys-day15.jpg J-boys-day15-b.jpg
_J Puppies Day 15 _J Boys Day 15
3weeks1.jpg 3weeks2.jpg
_J Puppies 3 weeks _J Puppies 3 weeks
J-boys-day15.jpg 3weeks6.jpg
_J Puppies 3 weeks _J Boys 3 weeks
3weeks4.jpg 3weeks5.jpg
_J Puppies 3 weeks _J Puppies 3 weeks
julhyg1.jpg julhyg2.jpg
_JuleHygge1 24 days _JuleHygge2 24 days
julhyg3.jpg kuldet27dage.jpg
_JuleHygge3 24 days _J-litter 26 days
kuldet27dage2.jpg jetsun27dage.jpg
_J-litter 26 days _Jetsun 26 days
jetsun27dage2.jpg tiggerandme.jpg
_Jetsun 26 days _Tigger and Me
jetsun27dage4.jpg boys28dec1.jpg
_Jetsun 26 days _Jetsun & bros. 28 days
boys28dec2.jpg happynewyear.jpg
_Jetsun & bros. 28 days _Happy New Year
newyearseve.jpg jan3-2big.jpg
_New Years Eve _Januar 3
jan3-1.jpg jan3-2.jpg
_Januar 3 _Januar 3
boys5weeks1.jpg boys5weeks2.jpg
_J-Boys 5 weeks _J-Boys 5 weeks
/boys5weeks3.jpg /boys5weeks4.jpg
_J-Boys 5 weeks _J-Boys 5 weeks
/terrasse1.jpg /terrasse2.jpg
Terrassedag 1 Terrassedag 2
/terrasse3.jpg /terrasse4.jpg
Terrassedag 3 Terrassedag 4
/terrasse5.jpg /jetsun1og2.jpg
Terrassedag 5 _Jetsun og Oscar
/6weeks1.jpg /6weeks2.jpg
6 weeks old 1 6 weeks old 2
/6weeks3.jpg /6weeks4.jpg
6 weeks old 3 6 weeks old 4
/6weeks5.jpg /6weeks6.jpg
6 weeks old 5 Jetsun and Oscar
/jetsunmaybe1.jpg /jetsunmaybe2.jpg
Jetsun Oscar
/jetsunmaybe3.jpg /jetsunmaybe4.jpg
Oscar Jetsun
/jostle1.jpg /jostle2.jpg
Jetsun & Oscar tumble 1 Jetsun & Oscar tumble 2
/jostle3.jpg /jostle4.jpg
Jetsun & Oscar tumble 3 Jetsun & Oscar tumble 4
/deskjockey7weeks.jpg /terrasse7weeks.jpg
Jetsun? DeskJockey Terrassefun 7weeks
/sofa7weeks.jpg /sorthan7uger.jpg
SofaHunters 7 weeks Black Male 7 weeks
/sorthunmindsthvidt7uger.jpg /sorthunmesthvidt7uger.jpg
Black Female less white Black Female more white
/zobelhanhvidt7uger.jpg /zobelhan7uger.jpg
JETSUN 7 weeks Zobel male 7 weeks
/jetsun23jan-1.jpg /jetsun23jan-2.jpg
Jetsun - 2 more days 1 Jetsun - 2 more days 2
/jetsun23jan-3.jpg /jetsun23jan-4.jpg
Jetsun - 2 more days 3 Jetsun and Mum in snow
/jetsun23jan-5.jpg /jetsun23jan-6.jpg
Jetsun playing in snow Jetsun jumping in snow
jetsun1dayleft.jpg leavinghome.jpg
Jetsun 1 day left "He's leaving Home - bye bye...."

See a Video with the Puppies feeding.

needs Windows Mediaplayer

Pictures mainly by Hanne Mathiasen from Cheerio, a really wonderful den-mother!