Nimmer's KryptoAna Game & Constructor

Nimmer's KryptoAna is a gamelet where you substitute numbers with letters to find the "EnKrypted" word. Both Random wordpicking and selected list game. In 3+1 languages (add your own). Ideal for schools and teachers. Built-in password-protected pyramid editors.Shareware $10. 30 days Trial. MUST TRY before BUY. NimmerSoft.

Nimmer's KryptoAna

Above The Main Gameform here showing the first word to be "DeKrypted".

Below the Editor/Constructor Form showing the List Editor. There are seven lists of words with from 6 to 12 letters.

Kryptonim List Editor

And of course you should have the option of entering your own letters if your language contains special ones. Te Esperant Letters they are entered in the EspeLetter Editor.

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