NimCalis HomePage

NimmerSoft's NimCalis is a

Computer Assisted Language Instruction System

(even though it can do more than just instruct in languages).

Look at the screenshots below and see what it can do.

Feel free to try out the program before you decide to buy.


Here the student chooses the exercise to do. The student is restricted to the NimCal directory

Above is the Student Screen. Here the student / user is presented with the questions. They can be Cloze-tests, Scan-tests, NoText/Single-Line questions. The Student writes his/her answer in an editbox/textfield and is instantly "rewarded" / "punished" and at the end a score is shown.

This is the Log On Screen. The User MUST logon before doing the exercise - The program keeps track of which students log on when and for how long and which exercise they are doing and how they did on it.

- so that the teacher can track and follow up on the student's progress in the User-Manager.

AND this is the screen tha jack built - NO - this is the editor where a teacher can easily make his/her own exercises for the students, adapting them to the needs and requirements of a particular class or subject. It incorporates Media files to be shown to the pupil in connection with specific questions. So far wav-audio, avi-video, and JPG- and BMP-picture files are supported.

Download a trial-version of NimCalis - 30 days trial-period, 10  dollars registration, Schools $20!