Mariann’s Vegetarian Recipes.

Here then are some of the recipes my wife has "invented".

They all make use of the texturized soybean-product, which we have been using since 1972. either granulated (¼"<~2-3mm.) or in little cubes (½-1"~1-2 cm.). We find the soyproduct a wonderful invention , as it is easy and clean to deal with in the cooking as everyday meals or for festive occasions, and stores very well even on long sea-voyages as long as it is kept in tightly sealed containers. The soyproduct can be treated in many different ways, it can be boiled, fried, and baked etc.

Common for all use of the product is the soaking.

Since the soygranules are dehydrated they are very hard and must be put in a container - e.g. a jug or a bowl, and preferably boiling water is poured over the soygranules till they are covered by the water. It is then left to soak, the smallest of the granules for 10 min. and the larger ones (½-1"~1-2 cm.) for ½ hour.

On a yacht at sea saltwater from the ocean can be used without heating it, but the soaking will then take longer, up to 1 hour. The important thing is to get the granules soft enough to cook and THEN it is ready to be used in the recipes.

NOTE ! We have everything in metric measures here in Denmark. I have tried to convert most of them to the archaic measures of ounces for those who still use them, but the most reliable figures are the metric ones.

Abbreviations :

gr. = grams , kg. = Kilograms, dl. = Deciliter = one tenth of a liter, Tbs. = tablespoon

Well, enough preliminary remarks. Let’s do it !!!!

Goulash, with mashed potatoes and green-salad.

For 4 persons;

150 gr. soy-cubes (5.3 oz.)

1 kg. carrots

Margarine(vegetable of course)

1 litre water from the boiled potatoes

4 soup cubes (vegetable of course)



A big shredded onion

For one person

35 gr. soy-cubes (1.2 oz.)

2 - 3 carrots

Margarine(vegetable of course)

¼ liter water from the boiled potatoes

1 soup cube (vegetable of course)



A small shredded onion


The soy cubes are soaked for ½ hour.

The carrots are cut into little cubes , which are fried shortly in the margarine on a frying pan or in a pot

The soaked soycubes are lightly fried with the carrot pieces - 5 min.

The sauce is made from the potato-water ( 1 cup per person) - add the Maggi-cubes , the tomatopuree, paprika, and a little shredded onion. When boiling add the carrots and the soy-cubes and let it cook over a low fire for about 5 min. For taste add pepper and perhaps a little extra salt.

The sauce can be thickened if desired.


A Fast Dish

For 4 persons

4 - 5 dl. of parboiled rice 14 - 17 fl oz.

100 gr. soy - granulated or cubes 5 1/3 oz.

1.3 liter water ( 2 1/3 pints )

4 soup-cubes

For 1 person

1 dl. of parboiled rice 3½ fl oz.

25 gr. soy - granulated or cubes app 1 oz

3¼ dl. water ( 4½ fl oz.- ¼ pint)

1 soup-cube


Rice, soy, and soup-cubes are put into the water and boiled at low heat for 13 minutes.

Stands in the pot under a closed lid for app. 15 ins.

To serve with it : a salad , lightly boiled vegetables, or thickened vegetable soup.



Soya Balls.

2½ dl. granulated soy ( 9 fl oz = a mug or big cup )

2 dl. water ( 7 fl oz )

1 Maggi-soup-cube

1 large onion

1 dl. of "breadcrumbs" see next recipe for a delicious breadcrumbs-recipe. ( 3½ fl oz )

tblsp. soy-flour

2 eggs ( from hens without a rooster )

Curry , basil, rosemary , paprika , allspice

The granulated soy is soaked with the soup-cubes for app. ½ hour.

Then it is chopped in a parsley-shredder or on the board with a knife together with the onion.

The other ingredients are mixed into the mixture and the stuffing is spiced to suit.

The stuffing is left to settle for app. 10 min. The balls are formed with a spoon

Or the hands are made a bit wet making it easy to mould / form the balls.

The balls can be fried on a frying pan and must be a nice uniform brown before they are turned.

After frying to a nice brown on both sides they are ready to serve with either rice or potatoes, lightly boiled vegetables or thickened vegetables and of course a green-salad.

Or they can be served with stewed white-cabbage.


My home made "Deli-Breadcrumbs"

Use : Dry bread of different kinds, Frenchbread, whitebread, cornbread, ryebread, any bread will do.

Finely ground hazelnuts.

The crumbs together with the nuts are baked (again) in an oven for 10 min. at 150 °C (302 °F).

Then they are crushed and stored in a tightly sealed jar or tin.




A good salad consists of :

Either China-cabbage finely cut

Or Iceberg-salad also finely cut

+ Tomatoes cut into small moons

1 - 2 carrots not too finely shredded

Cucumber cut into small logs.

Of course it is always a matter of taste whether to add sweet things like raisins or orangepieces

but sweet-corn, raw mushroom and perhaps fennel all do well in any salad.



A Snack : Rice-Soy-balls w. cheese

1 dl. granulated soy ( 3½ fl oz )

2½ dl. parboiled rice ( app 9 fl oz - a mug or big cup )

2 small Maggi-soup-cubes

6 dl. water ( 21 fl oz - 1 pint )

3 eggs, not too small

2 tblsp. soy-flour

2 tblsp. Wheat-flour

150 gr. shredded cheese ( app 5½ oz. )

1 l. Frying oil (soy-oil, Olive Oyl :-)) ( 1 3/4 pints - 35 fl oz )

The granulated soy, the rice and the Maggi-cubes are boiled in the water at low heat for 13 min.

and is then left to stand under the lid for 15 min. and is then cooled down.(can well be made the day before and the dough/stuffing can be frozen in a deep freezer).

When cool (room temp.) the eggs are added one at a time - both the yolk and the white.

The soy-flour and the shredded cheese is stirred into the dough, and the wheat-flour is added

until the dough is so soft and firm that it can be formed into little balls with a spoon.

The frying-oil is heated in a pot and the balls are fried therein until a nice dark-golden-brown tan.

Salt is sprinkled all over the finished balls, and they are ready to eat.

These balls are extremely nourishing and tasty and very handy when sailing long stretches. They can be eaten hot or warmed-up in an oven or even cold. And as I said they are very energy-rich.




The Children’s favourite is the Cheese-Shells( patty-shells).

This is a recipe for 8 cheese-patty-shells. If you want more just multiply the amounts.

One word of warning : These Shells are bound to get very popular so go ahead, make a double amount, even if only for one person cooking for him/herself. They are very good and are also good cold.

You will need :

8 - 16 patty-shells (they look like little cups or bowls)

Here in Denmark we can get them cheaply, ready made, from the Co-Op -

I imagine you should be able to get them where you are, too.

At least I know you can get them in Germany too, so why not the UK or US?

100 gr. cottage-cheese ( 3½ oz.)

10 gr. margarine ( 1/3 oz.)


15 gr. soy that has soaked for ½ hour ( ½ oz.) - to be weighed off dry before soaking

50 - 75 gr. shredded cheese (1 3/4 - 2½ oz.)

2 tblsp. finely chopped parsley

1 tblsp. wheat-flour

The cottage cheese is poured into a small bowl, the margarine is crumbled and mixed into it.

The eggs are stirred into the mass and the soaked soy added to it.

Then the shredded cheese and the wheat-flour is added and stirred into the mass, which by now is a thick batter or a thin doughy mass. This mass is filled into the patty-shells.

The shells are baked in a preheated oven at 225 °C - 437°F for app. 20 min.

When they are golden-brown on the surface, they are done.

Careful, they are very hot. And very yummy.


Burning Love

4 Persons

app 150 g soy ( the cubes )


Soy Sauce

Water from the potatoes


1 large onion

carrots , peas , beans , dahl , corn

1 Person

35 gr. soy ( the cubes )


Soy sauce

Water from the potatoes


1 small onion

carrots , peas , beans , dahl , corn

First make a big bowl of mash potatoes ( for one or 4 persons as applies )

The water from the potatoes is used for the sauce. ( we always do that since this water contains a lot of good elements.

Then roast the dry soy cubes in a big lump of margarine till it is browned, and then add the soy-sauce ;

it will hiss a lot on the dry frying-pan , but just quickly put a lid on the pan for a short interval, then sprinkle the paprika over the contents , add a little of the potato water and let it simmer for app 10 min..

After that add onions , carrots, peas, green beans or corn.

The frying pan is left to simmer for another 5 to 10 min. just enough for the veggies to get heated.

The finished soy-dish is poured on top of the mash potatoes.

And of course a salad is served alongside.





Soy Loaf / soy Roast Pie

2 dl. of granulated soy

3 dl. water

3 dl. milk

3/4 dl. "breadcrumbs" preferably the recipe with the nuts

2 small or one big egg

1 large onion

( if desired 1 ear of garlic - but only for garlic-enthusiasts )

Salt, allspice, rosemary

The granulated soy is soaked for ½ hour

Then it is ground even finer in a parsley-chopper together with the onion ( and the garlic )

The eggs are whipped foamy and it is all mixed together and spiced to taste.

The doughy mass is put into a margarine greased-up fireproof/oven-proof bowl

- or in little portion-form-bowls and it is baked f05 45 min. at 200 °C - °F.

It can also be cooked in a water-bath in a doughnut-shaped baking-form.

In the dough you can add small pieces of vegetables like carrots, celery, peas etc.

As a sidedish for the loaf I would suggest ; rice or potatoes, stewed vegetables and of course salad.



 Captain’s Pie  Kaptajnens Tærte

The pie is for 4 persons or more.

You'll need:

Use a spring form that can be opened at the bottom.

I buy the puff pastry directly from the supermarket because it is good and easy to work with.

You can find it in the frozen food section of the supermarket, in a small pack of 5 sheets.

Let the sheets thaw.

Grease the form with margarine.

Put the thawed puff pastry on a table with a little flour.

The puff pastry sheets of must lie on top of each other.

With a bread roll, roll the 5 shared sheets into a square shape. Use flour often during scrolling, to avoid the not to be stuck in the table.

The dough must be big enough so it can be placed in the bottom of the form, along the sides of the form and cover the filling.


- Put a little melted margarine in a saucepan,

- Then steam the soaked soy cubes, spinach and mushrooms in margarine for about 6 minutes and let it cool slightly.

- The eggs are added one at the time.

- Then empty the carrots into the pan, and stir down the flour along with the spices.

- The filling is now somewhat liquid.

- The filling is poured into the spring form, and 5-6 slices of cheese on top.

- Then cover with the puff pastry.

- Put the form on the bottom plate in the oven.

- Bake at 225 °C for about 1 hour. The surface should be a golden brown.

- To make sure that the pie is baked, stick a fork in it after an hour. The pie must be firm inside.

- When the pie is baked, loosen the bottom of the form and remove it.

The pie should be served well with a generous salad.



These recipes are copyrighted by Mariann Hjelmgaard , but is laid out for free use by all compassionate non dead-animal-eaters

Copyright 1995, Mariann Hjelmgaard. NimmerSoft.