New Hope - Thaye -

Limitless Compassion. 

Here are pictures from April 11 2008 - 1 year and 5 months old.

He spent a week with Hanne and went to his first real exhibition where he scored "VeryGood".

And THEN he serviced sweet little Chiwa, so who knows? Maybe he will be a father soon!

IMG_0302.JPG DSC09496.JPG 9496-udsnit.jpg
 IMG_0302  DSC09496  9496-udsnit
DSC09499.JPG DSC09488.JPG 9488-udsnit.JPG.jpg
 DSC09499  DSC09488  9488-udsnit.JPG
GULGATES KANJI THAYE april 08.jpg thaye april 08.jpg DSC09502.JPG
 GULGATES KANJI THAYE april 08  thaye april 08  DSC09502 DSC09507.JPG  DSC09507
Chiwas parring.jpg Chiwas parring 2.jpg      
 Chiwas parring  Chiwas parring 2