New Hope - Thaye -

Limitless Compassion. 

A wonderful and affectionate black Tibetan Terrier born in England on November 11, 2006.

He was brought to Denmark by Mariann and we are having him in a joint ownership together with Hanne Mathiesen from CHEERIO whose book "Tibetan Terriers - The Litttle People" you really should read. A great book for all dog-lovers, and a must if you have or want to have a Tibetan Terrier.

Here are a few of the early pictures of Thaye. More to follow. We hope.

The first pictures here are from the Nightmare of Heathrow.

Here he is leaving home for good, but he was such a brave little boy. A huge Thank You to the staff at the Sterling Airways plane who were so sweet to him when they heard him crying in his box, giving him water, and soothing him..

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