Last Winter, 2006/07, I went to the little village of Nyangalpur in Hiamachal Pradesh in India for 5 months to teach some boys at a Tibetan Buddhist Karma Kagyu monastery. There were 19 boys in all from Sikkim training to be monks, and one nun from Ladakh, who required teaching in English, Maths, Biology, Geography, practical applied electricity, and many other things. There were also 2 Lamas and two older nuns as well as a cook, Khambu, from Nepal. The monastery had two cows when I got there, and one of them had a new calf while I was there. They also had a wonderful dog, Kalu, a big black Labrador-like dog who was really sharp to outsiders and very affectionate to those in the monastery.

It was a most fantastic experience and we had a wonderful time doing all the things you do when teaching and learning. I paid my own ticket to get out there, but once I was there I had a very nice room and 3 meals a day plus various teas for only 30 pr month.  If you are a teacher, retired or otherwise, you will certainly enjoy teaching these boys. After almost 30 years in Danish public schools it was a blessed wonder to stand before pupils who were eager to learn, and who treated you POLITELY with RESPECT and KINDNESS. No "f... you ..." or stuff like that. Oh no; it was, "Yes, Teacher", "No, Teacher", and "Of course, Teacher" all the way. And I have never seen students more eager to learn. Simply Beautiful. You should try it. There's nothing like it.

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Here are some pictures from my stay at Tilopa Institute. Click on the links to see more pics.


The Boys and other People


Kalu, the Precious Guard Dog

Cows and other funny animals

Lama Dance in Sikkim

The Tilopa Cave Spectaculars and miscellani

Pictures from Jan Tito, an inspired and inspiring very gifted teacher from Holland, who was also at the Tilopa Institute teaching those wonderful boys.

Paintings from the lessons with Claudia, a really inspiring artist and art-teacher.

Sikkim dogs Cute little robust dogs from almost the top of the world