This was our first dog. Zitta 1.jpg

Her name was Zitta and she was a German Shepherd - Alsatian.

She was 3½ years old when we got her and she lived till she was 11½ years old. She was so sweet and trustworthy. She could lie in a chickencoop and have little chicks crawling all over her and liked it. And she could tell if a person was not to be trusted.  We could leave her lying outside in the courtyard when we left and she never strayed away from the farm. She was so wonderful and loving and we missed her very much when she passed on.

Here are a few pictures - too few I regret,  

I did not take photographs in those days .

Courtesy of my old friend.Zitta 17.jpgJørgen Torp Nielsen


Zitta 1.jpg

Zitta 2.jpg

Zitta 3.jpg

Zitta 4.jpg

 Zitta 1

 Zitta 2

 Zitta 3

 Zitta 4

Zitta 5.jpg

Zitta 6.jpg

Zitta 7.jpg

Zitta 8.jpg

 Zitta 5

 Zitta 6

 Zitta 7

 Zitta 8

Zitta 9.jpg

Zitta 10.jpg

Zitta 11.jpg


 Zitta 9

 Zitta 10

 Zitta 11


Zitta 13.jpg

Zitta 14.jpg

Zitta 15.jpg

Zitta 16.jpg

 Zitta 13

 Zitta 14

 Zitta 15

 Zitta 16

Zitta 17.jpg

Rede mis 1.jpg

Rede mis 2.jpg


 Zitta 17

 Rede mis 1

 Rede mis 2


TineZita 2.JPG




 TineZita 2